Order SoftStep Pads via PayPal using the PayPal BUY NOW buttons, or pay via check.   NOTE!  contact us for special quote when ordering large quantities or for international orders.

All orders are shipped by USPS, unless otherwise requested.  PayPal will calculate shipping based on the following chart. Orders sent in by mail must add shipping.

  • Up to 4 pads -- $15.00 shipping
  • 5 - 10 pads -- $20.00 shipping
  • 11-20 pads-- $30.00
  • More than 20 pads -- please call 434.525.2244 for shipping quote


Small(up to 4 3/4"),  Medium (up to 5 1/2"), Large(up to 6 1/8"),  Special Order (let us know your size)

How to Measure:

Measure your horse's feet from quarter to quarter and include the measurement with your order. This measurement is taken across the widest part of the foot from side to side, (opposite direction of toe to heel).

To pay by check:

Simply print this page, circle the type and quantity requested, and mail with your check to:
AuroraSeren Equine,  2954 Evington Road, Evington, VA  24550-4156. 
Make sure to include shipping fee from above and your address so we know where to ship! 

To pay by PayPal:

Use  the BUY NOW button at the bottom of the page.  Your credit card will reflect a transaction for "Cashvan Family Memorial Fund".

Diagnostic Pads:   $ 8.00 per pad.  Minimum of 2 pad order

 FirstStepTM Founder Pads:   $22.50 per pad.  Minimum of 2 pad order

Extra (Founder) Heel Pads:    4# - $3.00 per pad;  22# - $7.00 per pad

Transport Pads:    $ 10.00 per pad.  Minimum of 2 pad order.

FirstStepTMThinSole Kit:  $73.00  Kit contains one pair each of 22#, 12#, 8# pads

ThinSole 22# Pad:  $15.00 per pad

ThinSole 12# Pad:  $10.00 per pad

ThinSole 8# Pad:  $8.00 per pad

Sore Foot Pads:  $ 8.00 per pad.  Minimum of 2 pad order.

Undershoe Pads: $ 8.00 per pad.  Minimum of 2 pad order.

Protector Pads:  $ 2.75 per pad.


To purchase FirstStep ThinSole pads, use this drop down.  (Scroll down for all other pads)  

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