SoftStepTM Pads are in regular use at Serenity Equine Hospital for Hoof Support, Diagnostics, Soreness and Laminitis (Founder)-- Now they can be used at your barn too!   

Softstep_Pads_001_copy SoftStepTM Pads are made in different densities to absorb shock, provide support, protection and comfort to the foot.  SoftStepTM Pads were designed from aerospace technology. The pads are made of EVA foam, also known as memory foam, material.

 All SoftStepTM Pads are virtually weightless, so they do not add weight to an injured foot and pack easily for travel or trail riding.

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   Do not be fooled by imitation pads!   


  transportOnly SoftStepTM Pads are backed by leading equine podiatrist, Dr. Andrea Floyd.


Only SoftStepTM Padsare pre-cut to fit most horse sizes -- No bulky foam squares!  Making these pads easy to carry in saddle bags and easy to fit into first aid kits.

Only SoftStepTM Padscome with 3M adhesive backing, making them easy to apply to any foot. Simply peel, apply to foot and you are done! 

 SoftStepTM Pads have a variety of uses.  If you are not sure of which pad would best suit your need, contact Serenity Equine for recommendations based on your horse's situation.    

SoftStepTM Diagnostic Pads

Having trouble determining the true balance of your horse's feet? Stick these pads on and leave for 30-60 minutes. When you take them off, or take radiographs with them on, you will see the true balance needs of the foot. No feet are equal, some have pathology or balance needs that we cannot diagnose by any other technique. The same pad in 1/4 inch thickness without adhesive or with the adhesive stuck to the shoe is wonderful applied between the shoe and the foot by your farrier.  When applied with a shoe, it automatically balances the foot.  Incredible! Use it as you would any pad. Order your SoftStepTM Diagnostic Pads today to solve the problem. 



SoftStepTM Transport Pads

No matter how hard you try to provide a comfortable trailer or van ride for your horses, transporting causes vibration, jarring and sudden maneuvers that fatigue the legs and feet, and can lead to soft tissue and tendon/ligament injuries. The application of these pads before shipping will greatly reduce that fatigue and protects the solar area of the foot as well... and the pads are reusable! Simply outline the pad, remove and cut to size (leave some overlap) or cut-to-size right on the hoof.  Couldn't be simpler.  Order today!  



 FirstStepTMLaminitis (Founder) Pad Kit

Newly redesigned of a higher density foam, these wonderful pads allow easy application of foam wedging under the heels of the laminitic horse, reducing tension on the deep flexor tendon and stopping the painful pull of the coffin bone in a downward direction. They are so easy to apply (instructions included) that your horse will never have to stand with one foot up for very long. Remember that making a laminitic horse bear weight on the other affected foot makes the laminitis worse, so having an easy way to help them is essential. Multiple heel pads can be ordered along with the orignal kit. For a fraction of the cost of shoeing, you can protect your horse while waiting for your farrier and veterinarian to help you. These pads should be part of every horseman's first aid kit.  Order now !



 SoftStepTM Sore Foot Pads

 Having a good adhesive, easy-to-stick-to-the-foot pad during emergencies is essential. Whether you are battling an abscess, a close trim or a bruise. Pack these in your saddle bags while trail riding, or in your first aid kit for travel to shows, breeding or wherever you and your horse want to go. These pads ordered in 1/4 inch material are wonderful under shoes as well. Just stick the pad to the shoe and nail it on. These really help balance out the hard to balance foot. An emergency must have! Please specify Sorefoot (Black) or Undershoe (Red). Order now.




FirstStepTM ThinSole Kit

Many breeds of horses, especially thoroughbred and thoroughbred cross breeds have thin soles. Thin soles are very difficult to treat as the blood supply that creates new sole is compressed.

No blood supply = no sole growth.

The FirstStep ThinSole Pad is the first pad for use with painful thin soles. The kit starts with the 22# density pad to keep the sole off the ground and free of painful pressure. These pads are reusable and come with adhesive. (If you would prefer these not be shipped with adhesive backing, please call.) As the sole thickens, you can start reducing density and adding pressure to the sole with a 12 pound and then an eight pound density pad. Review the ThinSole Stepdown Process below.

The ThinSole Stepdown Process allows the sole to grow because there is no ground pressure applied to it. With this process, sole recovery starts with no pressure and then steps down adding small amounts of pressure.

Start with the black 22# and after the horse is comfortable and can handle a little sole pressure, go to the white 12# pad and then finally the yellow 8# pad. You may need several pads of each density with a really thin sole. Never step down in pad density until your horse is sound on the heavier density pad. With time, regular shoeing or trimming may resume, however never remove sole in front of the frog!

Be sure that thin soles are truly your problem. A radiograph will remove all doubt. Contact your veterinarian.

 The FirstStep ThinSole Kit contains one pair of 22# pads, one pair 12# pads, and one pair of 8# pads.  Additional pads at each weight are also available for purchase.  Order now.




SoftStepTM Protector Pads

These durable, grit pads are perfect to use with thin pads used with shoes, or with any

SoftStep Pad to prevent abrasion and increase longevity.  Pads include adhesive backing for easy attachment.



Instructions for the Application of SoftStepTM Pads on Barefeet:


SoftStepTM Pads come with 3M™ adhesive backing. However, if leaving on for an extended time, our hospital uses Elastikon™ or additional 3M™ adhesive tape covered with duct tape for a more secure fit.  

 First make a 'cross' of several pieces of overlapping duct tape and place it on the bottom of the pad.



Fold the edges of the 'cross' up around the foot, making sure none of the tape comes in contact with the coronary band or the soft tissue of the  bulbs of the heels. Wrap your duct tape around the foot making sure you cover all of the ends of your 'cross'.



This is what the finished product should look like. If you are leaving the pads on for more than a few days, you will need to check the bottom of the foot to make sure your duct tape is still covering the pad.















Order SoftStep Pads via PayPal using the PayPal BUY NOW buttons, or pay via check.   NOTE!  contact us for special quote when ordering large quantities or for international orders.

All orders are shipped by USPS, unless otherwise requested.  PayPal will calculate shipping based on the following chart. Orders sent in by mail must add shipping.

  • Up to 4 pads -- $15.00 shipping
  • 5 - 10 pads -- $20.00 shipping
  • 11-20 pads-- $30.00
  • More than 20 pads -- please call 434.525.2244 for shipping quote


Small(up to 4 3/4"),  Medium (up to 5 1/2"), Large(up to 6 1/8"),  Special Order (let us know your size)

How to Measure:

Measure your horse's feet from quarter to quarter and include the measurement with your order. This measurement is taken across the widest part of the foot from side to side, (opposite direction of toe to heel).

To pay by check:

Simply print this page, circle the type and quantity requested, and mail with your check to:
AuroraSeren Equine,  2954 Evington Road, Evington, VA  24550-4156. 
Make sure to include shipping fee from above and your address so we know where to ship! 

To pay by PayPal:

Use  the BUY NOW button at the bottom of the page.  Your credit card will reflect a transaction for "Cashvan Family Memorial Fund".

Diagnostic Pads:   $ 8.00 per pad.  Minimum of 2 pad order

 FirstStepTM Founder Pads:   $22.50 per pad.  Minimum of 2 pad order

Extra (Founder) Heel Pads:    4# - $3.00 per pad;  22# - $7.00 per pad

Transport Pads:    $ 10.00 per pad.  Minimum of 2 pad order.

FirstStepTMThinSole Kit:  $73.00  Kit contains one pair each of 22#, 12#, 8# pads

ThinSole 22# Pad:  $15.00 per pad

ThinSole 12# Pad:  $10.00 per pad

ThinSole 8# Pad:  $8.00 per pad

Sore Foot Pads:  $ 8.00 per pad.  Minimum of 2 pad order.

Undershoe Pads: $ 8.00 per pad.  Minimum of 2 pad order.

Protector Pads:  $ 2.75 per pad.


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