staff_drfloyd1_copyAndrea E. Floyd, DVM

Equine Podiatry has been a passion for Dr. Floyd for more than 25 years. Dr. Floyd is the owner of AuroraSeren Equine and a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, American Association of Equine Practitioners and the American Farriers Association.

A variety of equine interests has led Dr. Floyd to practice in several countries, and her book Equine Podiatry is an invaluable reference for horsemen, farriers and veterinarians in understanding hoof problems.  Dr. Floyd has spoken at several laminitis symposiums and has published numerous articles regarding equine podiatry and related subjects. 

Her concentration on lower limb and lameness problems has led to the development of new surgical and recovery techniques, leading to exciting and remarkable results in treating a range of problems from laminitis, navicular syndrome, caudal heel pain, surgical correction of hoof abnormalities, amputation and prosthetic placement.

Dr. Floyd firmly believes that all horses should be radiographed and evaluated for proper digital alignment, as performance is often aided and enhanced with corrective management. Many fractures of the equine limb, tendon and ligament injuries could be prevented with proper alignment.

Dr. Floyd is deeply involved with several civic nonprofit horse rescue organizations such as CFMEF, ReRun, CVHPA and Days End Farm Horse Rescue.  She is currently teaching veterinarians, farriers and horsemen/women through seminars at Serenity Equine.  However, Dr. Floyd is also available for consultation and 24-hour emergency response for laminitis issues.