COVID-19 Update

To all of my clients, due to the recent changes in our society due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Serenity Equine will be offering Telemedicine conferencing.

If you are a client with an established veterinary/client/patient relationship, then we are all set.

What this means is that you can contact us and we can FaceTime or Skype.

If you have:

  1. Post-surgical care questions (answering your questions of concern, checking the patient through a guided exam, checking surgical sites, discussing medications or changes in those medications.)
  2. Hospice care questions
  3. After hours emergency questions (Is it an emergency that needs being seen after hours?)
  4. General wellness advice questions

We can view the patient, perform a partial examination and help you make decisions as to whether your horse needs to be seen or if we can manage telemedically. This is very helpful when faced with emergencies.

It also can save you time and money.

There will be a fee for the service, but you will find it within your means at this trying time.

If we do not have a veterinary/client/patient relationship and you are located in our service area. We will need to see your horse. Then you may use this service anytime you wish.

If you live outside our service area and would like to consult with us, let’s get together with your attending veterinarian and discuss how best to go forward.

I hope this lessens you’re fears while providing the comfort that your horses will be taken care of.

My best. Stay safe. We are here for you.

Dr. Floyd and your friends at Serenity Equine