Meet Gideon

Status: Permanent Resident (come visit him!)


My name is Gideon. I caught my cannon bone in a high tensile fence when I was a three year old. I tore all the nerves, blood vessels, tendons and ligaments off my leg. My owners wanted to save my life, so they took me to see Dr. Ric Redden who gave me a new leg. A few years after that, I came to live at Serenity Equine. I like it here. I finally had the confidence to breed some pretty mares naturally. I have a daughter and a son. I have been in a prosthesis now for 21 years, they told me that is a record. Gideon

Gideon passed away in 2017 at the age of 24. We miss him beyond imagining.






I still like to run and play.









Sometimes the ladies call me Fabio because of my charming nature and long hair.




This is what my leg looks like when I don't have my prosthesis on.



This is my daughter, Peapie, and her Mom, Dakota. Peapie is all grown up now.








Here is another picture of gorgeous me!