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Meet Jack

Status: Permanent Resident (come visit him!)

Baby_Jack_copyHi, my name is Jack. This photo was taken when I first came to Serenity Equine. I was very sad and very shy. People had hurt me and made me afraid of them. Dr. Floyd drove all the way to New Jersey in a blinding snowstorm to amputate my leg and save my life. As soon as my stump healed I came to live here.



This is what my foot looked like before Dr. Floyd removed it. I don't know how I got hurt, but I lost my pastern and coffin joint. I was in so much pain that it stunted my growth and as a yearling I looked like a weanling.






This is a picture of me with my first prosthesis. I was still growing and needed several of them.





Look how handsome I was as a two year old with my new prosthesis.




 Dr. Floyd says because I love to buck and run, I wear out alot of prostheses. She says they cost alot of money....whatever that is.




 I wish you would come visit me, I like nice people now.




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