Our Horse Rescue--Cashvan Family Memorial Equine Fund (CFMEF)

Laminitis, the #2 killer of horses worldwide, 

What is CFMEF?

We are a 501c3 tax deductible rescue fund that was founded in 2002 at the encouragement of Deborah Cashvan. Ms. Cashvan saw the tremendous emergency effort and the long hours of dedication employed to save her own horse by Serenity Equine.  Ms. Cashvan saw the sadness we all experienced when people called wanting our help and were unable to afford treatment. Through a generous donation from the American Equine Fund (set up by Ms. Cashvan' father- a true horse lover), we were able to gain 501c3 status and start accepting the cases that would have never been able to come to us. 

CFMEF, which operates at Serenity Equine, makes it possible to save lives and simultaneously advances our knowledge of how laminitis affects each individual differently.

We desperately require funding if our work is to continue....please think of us whenever you can for as much as you can. Even $10.00 buys a salt block or a bottle of fly spray.

Please read on to find out how you can make a difference...

Why do we try when there is a chance we will fail?

All of us at Serenity believe that if there is any chance to help a horse survive and live a quality life, the chance must be taken.  Yes, we learn alot from the experience - which in turn helps us to help others - but more importantly we achieve a need that is the underlying imperative of this hospital: to express responsibility and respect for these noble beings who are as much a part of us as the air we breathe.

There is an undefined kinship between horses and horsemen/women that only they can truly understand.  Therefore, there is never a question whether we will try. There is only the question, will we succeed?

Success is based not only on desire to succeed, but also the financial freedom to go the extra mile. CFMEF spends a vast amount of money, time and resources. Please help us with your tax-deductible donation.

Andrea E. Floyd, DVM