FrontOur state-of-the-art hospital has been meticulously and lovingly designed for the comfort of our equine patients while maintaining the highest level of sterility.  

The hospital is situated in a secluded gently wooded spot away from the commotion of traffic and noises that adds unneeded stress to the recuperating patient, thus the name...  Serenity Equine

Listed below are just a few of our features...

All ceiling and wall surfaces of the facility are either bright white or stainless steel and can be pressure washed with disinfectants.  All the stalls are wainscoted with compression foam and stainless steel to avoid injuries.  Each stall has frosted skylights at ceiling level which allows for bright light without causing the frustrations that come from seeing outside.  All stalls are video monitored. The stall fronts are enclosed with white steel mesh grids and sliding doors allowing for complete observation from our staff.

All footing is bacteria resistant, tongue-and-groove, rubber tiles which helps to ease some of the discomfort of our laminitic cases, and also aids in helping us maintain a clean environment.

An overhead rail system runs from the surgical suite across the aisle to a recovery stall allowing the use of a sling to move a horse from a horse trailer or van if necessary or from surgery to recovery when required.

All light fixtures are completely sealed and work on a back-up generator system. As does all necessary emergency equipment. The clinic has central air conditioning and heating which allows for the comfort control of our patients.

The main portion of the hospital contains five intensive care stalls, a surgical suite, a treatment and standing surgery area, radiology, laboratory, pharmacy, a kitchen with laundry, reception area and central oxygen. 

At the rear of the building is located an isolation stall for contagious/infectious diseases and two lay-up stalls - all of which are serviced by a separate entrance.

Outside, we have several small paddocks for our patients who are ready to advance to turnout.  We also have an enclosed, motorized "Eurociser" which is a closed free-movement hotwalker with capability to increase physical therapy levels of exercise as the horse heals. 

A photo gallery is shown below. 




Surgery with overhead rail







Motorized Eurociser with observation platform







Hospital lab and office area







Main wing of stalls







Rescue horse annex





 Treatment area







Isolation, lay-up entrance








Inside access to air conditioned stall








Outside access to air conditioned stall (with Dolly modeling)








Office entrance







Client reception