High Tensile Injury Resulting in Prosthosisstories_thor_main

Thor is a 14 year old Thoroughbred gelding who got trapped in high tensile wire and did not received the proper help fast enough.  However, Thor had the courage to live...

Thor is a special interest case study from Serenity Equine.

With the support of Serenity Equine and Rio Vista Products, Thor visits children with similar prosthetic disabilities.
He is living proof of what perseverance, dedication and endless love can do for the process of healing minds and bodies.
It is also interesting to note that Thor is among the first equine patients to be fitted with a "prosthosis" - a unique combination of prosthesis and orthotic.


Thor was rescued and lovingly recovered by Deb Galt; supported by the Rio Vista Fund with the aid of Serenity Equine and farriers Derin Foor and Ralph Sites.