studies_fatal_sinker_1The Laminitic Treatment Process


If your horse is able to be safely transported to our facility, we will work with your veterinarian and farrier to make the transport process safe and uneventful. If together we decide it is not safe to transport your horse, we offer travel to your farm or facility or online SKYPE, Facetime or consultation with your veterinary-farrier team.

Our hospital and skilled staff are highly qualified in handling and treating laminitis.  We have enjoyed remarkable results. The recovery period is often tedious and patience and diligence is crucial. The return from laminitis is a mental as well as physical ladder that must be climbed rung by rung, day by day.


Most of our cases stay at the center for three to six months. It is of paramount importance that your horse return to you with feet that will not require any further extraordinary care. We want your horse to return to you in as perfect a condition as possible. Most of you have suffered enough trauma and stress trying methods that didn't work or just standing there helpless unable to find the help you wish you could give. We want you to relax and let us handle the problem.

During your horse's stay at the center, we will provide digital realignment, shoeing, bandaging, soaking, trimming, medicating, radiography, ultrasound, bloodwork,  and surgery when it is needed and as often as needed. The disease has a frustrating course that often takes unexpected turns. It is very important that your horse be monitored daily.

We also provide alternative therapeutics as we deem them necessary. They include laser acupuncture and stimulation, deep myofascial massage and modified chiropractics.

We provide different forms of bedding and diet. If we need to feed four or five times a day to keep your horse happy, we do. We alternate the types of hay we feed to keep them from boredom. We supplement with fresh grass and treats such as fresh fruit and vegetables and healthy peppermints.

To attempt to delve into the specifics of what we do would take more space than we have available, instead, why don't you take a look at some of our results under Case Studies.